Living room interior design becomes the basis for a beautiful interior stories told by interior designers Qatar in each author’s project

Living room interior, being conditionally open space, which reflects the overall design concept of the interior, confirms the high status of the owners of the house, emphasizes their kindness and hospitality.

Living room interior design also reflects the fashion trends in interior design. Luxury villas, cozy apartment today tend to be open space. Living room design in modern interiors is closely linked with the dining room design, hall design, and sometimes kitchen design. Interior designers in Qatar of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design in each style brings unique solutions that make interiors expressive and unique in their beauty. Living room design in classical style can be decorated with traditional elements such as stucco, carved decor and luxurious furniture. The splendor of modern interiors, which designers create, exceeds the highest expectations of customers. Interior designers in Qatar skillfully mix fine traditions with the latest global technologies and create interiors that reflect a new era of luxury and comfort.

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The living room design is a harmonious connection of the ceiling design, floor design, wall decor, windows decoration and furniture design. Interior designers Qatar, all these points combined into a single harmonious picture of the luxury living room interior. Perfect harmony, luxurious images and bright features of the interiors captivate the hearts of the most discerning connoisseurs of luxury.