House Exterior is something that makes the first impression about luxurious image of the building

Exterior design is closely linked with both the interior design and landscape design. Elite design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design involves a comprehensive approach that includes all these aspects. And as a result of a harmonious combination of interior, exterior and landscape design an aesthetically perfect image are created.

The exterior design of the building takes into account the texture of the materials to be used in construction and decoration. Also, a huge role is played with decorative elements that make the house look lush and elegant. The exterior design of the building in classical style includes such traditional issues as the gables with bas-reliefs, sculptures, pilasters, columns, balustrades and other exquisite decorations. In all this variety interior designers Qatar pick up exactly what will make the exterior unique in its beauty. The exterior design in a modern style has its own peculiarities. Here, we use the unique techniques and innovative ideas.

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The unique configuration of buildings, perfect proportions, a terrific game of light and shade. All this makes the exterior design rather multifaceted concept. The exterior design as well as interior design, architectural design and landscape design, includes the use of time-tested traditions as well as new opportunities from the world of technology. The exterior of your home will admire with its beauty and delight in unique and striking manner.